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  • I'm curious, what's important to you in a new ICO/DApp? I've come up with several questions culled from open channels of around 35 other tokens, is yours on here and if not what is it?

    What is the name of the token.
    What happens to unsold tokens from the ICO?
    When do I get my tokens?
    When will the coin be on an exchange?
    How many tokens are available for pre-sale, ICO
    Is there a pre-sale bonus, if so how much?
    How much discount are you giving to the 'Whales'?
    What's the hard cap?
    Why is there no hard cap?
    Do I need a dedicated wallet?
    What incentive is there to hold tokens after the ICO rather than sell?
    What can I do with the coins when I get them?
    How are the coins distributed?
    Are the initial funds held in escrow?

    Plus Road Map, White Paper and Team

    I've noticed more and more token websites now offer both a White Paper and a One Pager, do you think it's important to have simple explanations as well as the technical details?

    Comments welcome

  • Jacqui
    Jacqui reposted onG.Social 's post
    I dare any government to try and stop us!
    Overstock finds cryptocurrency is most popular in Alaska, with Delaware close behind
  • Hello onGians!! Is that a word? It should be don't you think? It's a wonderful day, I hope you're all having a great day, if not I send lots of positivity to boost your enjoyment of life!
  • Heard a great quote last night on the Russell Howard Show.
    "You can cure ignorance, but you can't cure stupidity". From a black guy who goes around meeting members of the KKK in the US. He talks to them and so far has managed to decrease the ignorance of between 60 and 200 members. Fantastic!