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  • Eliran Cohen
    Eliran Cohen created a new group Damaged DAD!

    Damaged DAD! Open Group

    The Group For The New Dads and all dads!
    Who we are?! it's very simple ...
    Whether it is humor or sheer seriousness, the group's goal is to help, advise and support anyone who holds the title of "father" and anyone who will soon receive the degree (and has the courage to be here).
    Do you have a plumbing problem? Need advice for... a couple? Have not you seen the daily episode of "Enrique going to eat"?
    There is no question that can not be asked and no answer will not be accepted, under personal profile or even anonymously.
    Situations, images, and humorous videos are welcome.
    All your funny little moments about teaching how to say ... less successful;)
    The most funny and successful statuses will be posted on the official page of a corrupted father with credit and world glory.
    We are in a closed and exclusive group, so we do not want to get things out.
    What happens in a defective father - surviving together, remains a defective father - surviving together!
    Those who take things out will no longer be recognized as an "official flaw" and will have to respect us for leaving.
    There will be no posts in the group with manifestations of racism, verbal violence, porn, cyberbullying and spam.
    It is very important to understand that our group has the freedom to say almost everything but if you encounter a post or an abusive response, report it or share one of the managers.
    Try to be original. We will make every effort to prevent duplicates of content, so a post that comes up shortly after another member has uploaded it will be deleted.
    In addition, please try to give credit to people you've shared a post with.
    We are nevertheless a group of men, so anyone who wants to upload a picture or a video with sexual orientation (not overly exaggerated) can do it only in a special post to these things!

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