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Olivier Taupin

  • Delta Shuttle Is Coming To Seattle

    MAY 9, 2016 BY LUCKY

    Alaska’s takeover of Virgin America has really been shaking things up, especially as far as the west coast and transcon markets go. We’ve seen JetBlue respond by offering status matches and targeting Virgin America flyers, while Virgin America has even improved elite benefits and expanded their status match program.

    The “new” Alaska is branding itself as “the premier West Coast airline.”


    Keep in mind that Alaska and Delta are still feuding in Seattle given Delta’s expansion there, and I’m sure they’re not all too happy about Alaska’s takeover of Virgin America.

    It looks like Delta is responding to this takeover with a new product offering.

    As of Wednesday, May 11, 2016, Delta will begin operating their Shuttle service from Seattle to Los Angeles & San Francisco. This is the service which is presently available between San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as in a few markets further east.
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