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    I know that Monday has passed but here you have a list of ICO's this week.

    Monday 18 September

    Circles - Content creation and sharing platform
    Databroker DAO - Martketplace for IoT sensor data
    Dolphin BI - Cryptocurrency investment analysis platform
    Gimli - Broadcasting & livestreaming platform for eSports and games
    Premium Trade - Startup investment fund
    Realcoin RealT - Real estate investment company
    Sand Coin - Investing in a sand quarry project in Russia
    StartMining - Investment in cryptocurrency mining farms in Russia

    Tuesday 19 September

    Aeron - Flight information and flight safety platform
    Airtoken - Mobile advertising & internet access application
    AmberPort - Investment in a chain of jewelry stores in Duty Free zones
    BurstIQ - Electronic health record system
    ChainLink - Connecting smart contracts to existing banking & financial networks
    Fidcom - Decentralized investment platform
    Hacken - Ecosystem for digital security experts and white hat hackers
    Spheris - Decentralized applications distribution platform and marketplace
    Centra- Marketplace and debit card

    Wednesday 20 September

    Astronaut Capital - Investment in a pre-sale and ICO token fund
    Goldmint - Gold-backed token
    Hash Rush - Strategy game powered by real cryptocurrency hashing power
    Moncrypt - Cryptocurrency trading ecosystem
    Project Circle - Forecasting platform
    SparkleCOIN - Cryptocurrency backed by physical diamons
    Ties Network - Business relationships and network application
    Icon - Hyperconnect different blockchains

    Thursday 21 September

    Acebusters - Decentralized poker platform
    ARNA Genomics - Cancer research and data collection system
    BlockRx - Pharmaceutical industry supply chain network
    Cove Identity - Digital identity application
    Dropfoods - Mobile wallet and vending machine platform
    Gold Mine Token - Investment in a gold mine
    VanillaPlay - Adult entertainment video chat application

    Friday 22 September

    Autonio - AI driven cryptocurrency exchange
    Saharachain - Cryptocurrency ecosystem for Arabic speaking countries
    Synchrolife - Restaurant recommendation platform
    Unikoingold - eSports bookmaker

    Saturday 23 September

    DECENT Bet - Sports betting and gambling platform
    TOP - Decentralized video hosting & streaming platform

    Sunday 24 September

    Salt coin - Investment in a salt manufacturing facility

    Happy Investing.