• Celebrating our amazing launch for onG.social during the Affilate Summit! DJ Snoopadelic aka Snoop Dogg was tearing up the party, and Coolio was there enjoying the vibe. Plus we had our amazing celebrity influencer Lisa Marie Smith who was able to stop by to show some love for onG.social!

    Special thanks to Kira Hancock-Sanoja for these great shots! Thank you Virginia Rose for coming out! This is our major Affilate program launch which was a huge hit at the Affiliate West Summit! People from over the world are joining us to make a huge positive difference! Much love! — with Danyette Rosenbusch
  • Free Group & 10% Monetization
    - You have received 1 free group with 10% monetization and included tools: (See tips on profile page to learn about monetization features for profile and group pages)

    Some of the included tools:

    - Launch more groups and use "easy toggle" feature to manage and post as your group. Increase monetization to 80% with any upgraded group package
    - Group moderation for members and admins
    - Social dashboard - View streams and interact with other social networks
    - Marketing automation - Schedule and distribution content to connected networks
    - Audio/video conferencing
    - Screen sharing
    - Site chat
    - File sharing (groups)
    - Event scheduling (groups)
    - Task assignment (groups)

    Launch a group and build your community. Use intent based data to drive targeted advertising and content marketing initiatives.
  • OneName Global
    OneName Global
    Amazing Bunk Bedroom Ideas